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Hi and welcome to Ohio Home Inspections, the web site of Invest Wise, your certified home inspector for the greater Akron area, Summit County and surrounding counties.

This site informs home owners and buyers about anything related to home maintenance and inspections.

Buying a home is one of the largest investments you will ever make.  You want to know as much as possible about your investment.  To the untrained eye costly defects might go undetected.

The purpose of home inspections is to evaluate the general condition of a property from the roof to the foundation. 

This also includes whether systems are still performing their intended functions.  It covers the conditions of... Invest Wise Home Inspection, LLC

  • the home's heating and cooling systems,
  • plumbing and electrical systems,
  • foundation,
  • basement,
  • structure,
  • roof, attic,
  • ventilation system,
  • Home Inspector Experience

  • insulation,
  • walls, ceilings, floors,
  • windows, doors,
  • fireplaces,
  • kitchens, bathrooms,
  • decks, patios, porches and
  • garages.
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What You Can Expect From Us

You will find that the inspection of your home does several things for you, all of which will ensure you are making the right purchase decision. What three areas will be examined?

The inspector will investigate the physical condition of the home, will identify areas that need immediate attention and inform you of unsafe conditions.

At Invest Wise Home Inspections we believe in providing great service and building trust with our clients. Our goal is to tell the history and conditions of the property through our reports.

When you choose Invest Wise to inspect a home, you are getting experience and training to detect visual signs of defects in the home.  This also includes determining whether systems are still performing their intended functions.

We invite you to browse this web site and learn more about home maintenance, inspections and our services.

Looking For A Certified Home Inspector in Ohio? Choose Invest Wise.
Invest Wise Home Inspection, LLC is a home inspection business located in Norton, Ohio, owned by certified home inspector, Larry Milbry.
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